Magento - the best online shop platform

With a strong community of developers and users in the background, Magento has become the best and strongest shop system. Magento Inc. has over 375 employees. It is used by over 110.000 online merchants. The partner network has over 200 partners worldwide. The community has more than 300.000 users. Magento can be extended by modules. You can find more than 3.000 of them at Magento-Connect.

Magento community and enterprise

Magento is excellent scaleable, this means is perfect to start as a small online merchant and to grow problem-free to a big international merchant.

Magento is available in two different versions, one is the free „community“ edition, the other is the „enterprise“ edition. The enterprise edition includes all feature you need when you are already a big merchant and the producer support:

  • dynamic personalization of the shop
  • full site chache
  • content „staging", plannable publications
  • advanced voucher functions
  • customer loyalty programm: points & rewards
Magento feature overview

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