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"How is inventory handled? We are wondering if the inventory is shared between Odoo and Magento This is important because we need any inventory changes made in Odoo from the POS to update Magento and vice-versa

Inventory is synchronized from Odoo to Magento. This is controlled via cron to happen automatically in Background. So if you sell something in Odoo f.e. via POS module, Magento inventory will be correct after next synchronization run. Depending on the dynamic of sales and "scantiness" of products in your stock the synchronization cycles have to be adopted to avoid overselling. When sales is done in Magento, Magento decreases it's local representation of stock level. As soon as the order is synchronized to Odoo, stock level are the same again on both sides.

Is it possible to do project financing?

Yes it is. We offer instalment plans given a positive credit assessment.

Can i use Amazon and eBay with Odoo?

Yes you can. But instead of using Odoo to publish the selling data to Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces, our solutions forces Magento do this job. We are using the free Magento extension M2Epro. So Magento is the better and safer system to do marketplace integration. Through Magento we do all the order import and order status updates to and from Odoo. So there is only one single, reliable interface between Odoo and Magento to be maintained.

Do you support Bundle products?

Yes. Bundles can either be transfered as single product to Odoo or as a Odoo-MRP "phantom-BOM (bill of material)". The "BOM-way" is especially neat and useful if your products need processing before delivery. This is a unique feature of AiO-Connect that other Connectors don't support.

How does the synchronization jobs work in terms of being seamless. Do i always need to press buttons to get the two software to synchronize or is everything in almost real time?

Synchronization is done automatically by "cron"-jobs of the server. No need to press any buttons.

How are payments by 3rd party provider e.g Amazon, Credit Card, PayPal handled?

3rd party payments create a debit claim against a payment provider. Example: If a shop order is payed with Paypal, you can assume that you will get the money. But still you haven't. So when this order is synced to Odoo, you will process it automatically because you can assume it is fine. But the Payment will constitute a debit claim to a "journal" in Odoo so you know (and can't forget) how much money you have to receive from Paypal.

Odoo answers

OpenERP is now called Odoo, what does this change?

Odoo decided to take a new branding. That's it. The software is the same. From marketing perspective we understand this move of Odoo to name their product "Odoo". Odoo is more than core ERP functionality. It includes CRM, Warehouse, Eventmanagement, and so on. The newest Functionality includes Website Builder and E-Commerce/Shop functionality. But there is problems imposed in regard of performance, security and maturity. We expect Odoo-Shop to be a product for small merchants or B2B within the next 2 years when it becomes mature. Until then we strongly recommend using Magento aside Odoo which is a very reliable, robust and performant solution, proven on millions of Webshops worldwide.

I want to start your Odoo Hosting without Magento Shop. Is it possible?

Yes it is. You will still profit from German support and the possibility to use private Modules. Later you can add a Magento Shop as needed.

I want to edit all Magento product data in Odoo. Is it possible?

Although technically possible, we strongly don't recommend to use Odoo as a Product Information Management System (PIM). Frontend Systems like Magento are far better for this job. An Online Shop needs far more data than an ERP system to sell products. This information (Multimedia, Texts, Video, 360° Graphics, lots of Pictures) is of no value to the ERP System. Instead those data only blows up the ERPs Database. On the other hand, an ERP system needs data which is pretty useless for the online shop (purchase prices, suppliers etc.). Another point is that the product lifecycle in the ERP System normally goes beyond the "selling cycle", so all the data needed to fill several selling platforms just blow up the ERPs database with unnecessary data. Remember: redundant data normally imposes more problems than being of use. We'll be happy to show you how well distributed data structures can be well-maintained.

Magento answers

How does Changing to Magento work?

If you are using another Shop-System like xt:commerce, we will first build up your new Magento Shop. After finishing all the work on Magento we simply switch your Domain over to the new Magento Shop. Data Migration works seamlessly because of our rich experience in Migrations to Magento.

Can i use my own Magento Templates / my own Magento Extensions?

Yes you can. You can also move your existent Magento Shop to our Servers. This way you get a reliable, fast Hosting

I already use Magento. Can i use my existing Magento Shop?

Sure. We move your onto one of our fast, reliable Servers and connect it to your Odoo instance. Although technically possible, the connection of remote Magento Shops is not within scope of AiO-Commerce at present.

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